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Our Service Explained In 3 Easy Steps:
No hidden costs, tricks or expenses.
Enter Customer Info
Step 1: Members log on to our site to securely submit their delinquent customer information. 
Collection Efforts Begin
Step 2: Our team of collection professionals begin collection efforts on your unpaid invoices. 
Get Paid
Step 3: Our office remits all funds collected, less a 30% contingency fee, directly to you. There are no additional fees or expenses. If we don't collect, we don't get paid.
How effective are you in collecting past due appraisal invoices?
Landry and Jacobs, LLC has been collecting delinquent debts since 2005 for clients nationwide. We utilize a firm but professional approach that draws upon our years of experience and extensive resources. Our confidence in our approach is what allows us to work strictly on a contingency basis. 
How Old of an Account can I submit?
We recommend submitting any delinquent files aged three years or less. Generally, older accounts are more difficult to collect, but they are certainly worth the effort. 
What is The Minimum Volume I can Submit?
There are no minimums. We understand the amount of hard work and time that goes in to earning an appraisal job. We don't take this lightly, it's our goal to recover your hard earned revenue.
What Happens When I Submit an Account?
Within one business day, your account will be assigned to one of our recovery specialists for immediate recovery efforts. You'll have full online access, which will allow you to follow our progress. We'll also notify you whenever we collect funds on your behalf. At the end of the month following collections, we'll send you a check or ACH for your net proceeds.
What Parties Do You Pursue?
We will pursue whatever party engaged your services. Due to federal and state laws, our approaches for commercial and consumer debt collection differ from each other, but we have had success in both scenarios.
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